MyBBBridge - VSCode extension for template and theme devs
Hey there,

While we're all waiting for v1.9 and its new template engine, I just made a simple extension for Visual Studio Code that connects to your MyBB database and allows for downloading / editing / refreshing theme and stylesheet files.

You can find the extension here, or just search for "MyBB" in VSCode extensions panel.

Basic workflow :
  1. Add cachecss.php in your MyBB root dir (optionnal, for automated stylesheet cache refresh only)
  2. Open a workspace in VSCode
  3. Launch "create config file" command
  4. Edit config file with your DB informations
  5. Launch "load MyBB template/style" command
  6. Each file you edit or create will be instantly synced to DB each time you save it!

For more details, see the readme.

I'm using it and it works pretty well, but was only tested in my test case so feel free to ask if you encounter any issue.

Lightbulb This is pre-alpha software, make backups, use only on your dev server and at your own risks!

Let me know what you think!

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