What inspired you to get involved with forums?
I'm going to make a very long story short, way, way, way back in 2003, I used to run a chat room on WinMX, while downloading ebooks and pictures and exchanging recipes I had downloaded to beef up my file share folder.. (back then I was on a crappy 56K dial up connection, and I was in college then, so textbooks and other ebooks was all I could download and was interested in.) 

it was fine, until, I had to contend with perverts and bugs with the chatroom software at the same time, the bugs I could work around, but the perverts, I could not, so when I put in a warning notice telling these people, that were sharing this illegal content, that they would be banned on sight, my notice triggered keywords in the servers I was apart of, and the servers banned me as well.

I had to join the forums, and ask for them to unban me, and then posted the notice I had in my files, that triggered the ban in the first place, they unbanned me, and added me to a whitelist so that I wouldn't be banned again by mistake.

During that process though, I encountered some of the nastiest, most power abusing mods and admins, who truly thought that their ish didn't stink, (I mean, you'd think that they were hired by Jesus themselves..) and while I was happy that they unbanned me, and whitelisted me, the way I was treated, left a bad taste in my mouth, and I never wanted anything to do with their forum again.. and it would eventually shape what kind of admin I wanted to be when I ran my own forum. I wouldn't want to treat anyone, the way I was treated in some of these places, and that is something that still holds true today.

Eventually, I got tired of dealing with both perverts sharing illegal content, and trolls exploiting bugs in the software by quickly entering and leaving the room until they caused both the chatroom and WinMX itself to crash and so after wondering if there was a better way, I decided to close my chatroom, and open my own forum, in 2004, (which, I still run to this day) after my brother opened his and made me an admin there.

He chose IF, and I chose PB because IF intimidated me as a beginner, and that would ultimately be one of the worst mistakes I've ever made because of how limited the software was, but the only thing that gave them the advantage was the fact that it was easy to use, and they had an avatar gallery.

Helping my brother run his forum, and resurrecting it when it died, is basically what helped me cut my teeth as an admin, and learn IF/IPB and with that i quickly realized how limited my forum software was in comparison. I stuck around until their v4 upgrade, but after the issues, and the way the staff treated their customers when they brought them up was why I left them for IF, and eventually another IPB host, until I got here on paid hosting.

Anyway, I apologize for the long post, I did my best to keep my 17 year history as succinct as possible.. but yeah, I let my experience as a user on other forums, shape who I am as an admin.. and I just go on from there.
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