Forum Pointers
Here's my first mod...

Name: Forum Pointers

Version: 0.2.1

Description: The purpose of this mod is to add a "pointers" section right above the list of "User(s) browsing this forum:". I am an active member of, and they have something of the sort on various forums, and I liked the idea. It can be used in various ways, but one example is to show members how to post for different topics, i.e. if a member is asking for help, you may want them to put [Help] at the beginning of the post title. Or you may simply want to post some "forum etiquette" for them to follow. If you don't understand what I'm saying, a preview picture is attached.

The pointers for each forum are easily editable through the Admin CP. A new field is placed in the forum edit page, right underneath the Description field.

  • Added the intelligently forgotten fields to the "New Forum" page of the Admin CP
  • Fixed a problem with an addslashes() command
  • Added "pointerstitle" field, which allows for a specific title for the pointers for each forum

Known Bugs: None that I have found, but I only have one forum to test it on.

Bug Reporting: Please, if you find anything at all, post it either in this thread or send me a PM. I would be more than happy to address any issues ASAP.

Questions/Comments/Suggestions: Once again, post here, or send me a PM.

Future: I need your suggestions...


That's about it. The file is attached, which contains an install script and instructions on what files to modify.

Also, I am very open to any suggestions. I'm not the most creative, so I could use some help with deciding on new features.

Happy modding!

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