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Solved: 2 Years, 6 Months ago Thread status showing incorrectly
Solved: 2 Years, 6 Months ago
As mentioned in this thread, recently started a long overdue project to upgrade our forum from 1806.  Live with 1817 right now, but see some issues with thread status icons.  In the pic below, the sub-forum contains all closed threads.  A mouse over tells us they're closed, but the icon doesn't reflect this.  Also note the legend is the same.


After the first jump to 1812, everything was displaying correctly:


Less of an issue, but notice the forum closed icon is missing it's label.  Including as it might help isolate the problem:


I appreciate this is likely a custom theme issue, and have searched for a solution without success.  Link to live forum.  Any help would be much appreciated.


nixer55 - DartsNutz Forum

Edit:  Should note status "contains posts by you" not correct either

Fairly sure I've found the answer to the missing "lock" thread icons.  Revisited this thread and adapted the solution to our environment.  Successfully implemented in our test system.  We'll see how it goes in prod - lol.

Still looking for the forum closed label issue, but not as important on our board.

cheers all - nixer55

The referenced thread also has the answer for the forum closed label issue - at least for us.  Missed an edit. Huh

cheers - nixer55
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