Must have X posts to reply to threads in FID?
(2020-04-16, 09:37 PM)Darth Apple Wrote: Technically, you could use group promotions to do this. Here's how this would work:
  • Create a group for users who have more than X posts.
  • Add a new group promotion under "Users & Groups" to automatically promote users into this usergroup when they have enough posts.
  • Set up your specific FID to only allow replies from users in this group.

I can do a plugin for it if you need, but my rate is about $20/hour for custom plugins. Perhaps someone could do it for less or for free, but I think the group promotions system will probably be the best way to go about it for you. Smile

(2020-04-16, 09:37 PM)Euan T Wrote: You could achieve this with a combination of forum permissions and user group promotions, both of which are built into the core.


  1. Create user group like "Users with more than 10 posts"
  2. Grant only this group and staff groups permission to see the forum(s)
  3. Create a user group promotion so that after X posts the registered group is promoted to the new group

EDIT: beaten to it!

Seems pretty solid and do-able. Thanks!

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