Requesting a visual road map for theme color changes
(2020-04-25, 10:05 PM)Ben Wrote: Most modern browsers have a thing called Inspect Element which will tell you the name of what you are looking to edit.

E.G. Right click on what you want to change (the "blue section" for example) and then you will see which CSS properties is assigned and you can visually edit them in the editor and play about with the colors. Then log into your ACP and in Inspect Element it will tell you which file you need to edit.


I have definitely been using the Inspector element and even the firebug tool in FireFox, but the way the forum is built, the actual references you find in the inspection tools are not the same names supplied in the drop down options for the color editors. Secondly, the tools cannot correctly find (all of the proper names). (For example: it will simply say: "div"  and highlight nearly a third of the page, rather than tell me the name of a specific section.) I am very clear on how to use a website inspection tool.

Also, the blue section in the inspection tool specifically says: "div class = "title". There is no ("title") option for editing in the theme color changing tool.

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