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(2020-05-14, 09:33 AM).m. Wrote:
Quote:RewriteRule: bad flag delimiters
^ obviously rewrite rules were causing the problem. there should be no need of re-installing forum.


I tested theme on a fresh mybb works 

I tried on old forum (one I now have merged to new one) and get same issue (so not my host must be in Database)

Side note

I also trying some plugins they either not showing on my forum  or break eg not showing in admin panel after enabling eg config for it

I feel there is a error on my forum  DB or in the files that causing this

for example one is rss feed poster - plugin enabled but don't see setting /  on a  fresh mybb it forum it works

This and few other issues is happening I feel the something in mybb / or DB is corrupt and not working correct

how does one  keep users / Posts / Threads and forum categories eg    while  wiping the rest and installing a fresh to get the forum working with out issues ?

I sorry to be a pain but I will hate to loose  forum members posts etc

it must be either DB / Forum files issue somewere

Happy to Provide  Admin Access / Cpanel access to see why if need 

it not server because I tried it on a fresh mybb and it worked 


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