Not Solved Auto Post URL
Not Solved

open your THEME templates and find:
Post Bit Templates > postbit_posturl

There you'll find:
<a href="{$post['postlink']}#pid{$post['pid']}" title="{$post['subject_title']}">

That's the line you have to change to:
<a class="post_anchor" href="{$post['postlink']}#pid{$post['pid']}" title="{$post['subject_title']}">

Save and now you have to add code in 2 templates more:
Post Bit Templates > postbit
Post Bit Templates > postbit_classic

The code to add at the end of the template (after last line) is:
<a name="bottompid{$post['pid']}" id="bottompid{$post['pid']}"></a>
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