MyBB Development Progress in June
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MyBB Development Progress in June

Resolved issues: 31
Merged PRs: 30

  • The oldest issue resolved in this period was #1427 reported on Sep 14, 2014. PM recipient inputs weren't capped using the maximum recipients usergroup option until the form was submitted.
  • Advanced database configuration support has been fixed for certain ways of specifying to use different connections for read/write #3619,
  • Multiple issues with attachments have been resolved #3618#3886.

Top contributors
Thank you to these contributors who created the most merged pull requests this month!
MyBB 1.8.23 Pre-Release

We are close to releasing MyBB 1.8.23 and will be publishing a pre-release for wider testing by the Community soon. Please keep an eye on the 1.8 Development forum and get involved with testing!

What issues are affecting your community?

We want to know which issues on our tracker that we haven't tackled yet are most important to you. Please let us know what issue in the backlog you think we should be focusing our attention on and include any details in your reply to this thread.

If you would like to contribute to the Project, Get Involved.

The MyBB Team

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