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If you’re buying a dedicated server, at that point you use the command line and something like Docker/VMWare ESXi. Proper, enterprise grade products.

You should not(!) use a consumer grade VPN for your server, nor should you have a desktop on your server.

Our network uses ESXi, we have a pfSense server as our gateway, and our own VPN.

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So over the course of the last 8 or so hours I’ve received a number of PMs from the original poster of this thread who - it’s apparent - has no clue at all about what he’s doing.

Let’s go into some technical detail:

You’re, in effect, proposing to purchase a VPS server (dedicated is a buzzword to make it seem better than it is, you’re on a virtual machine already) - and you’re planning to apt install the ubuntu desktop to run Virtualbox and a (Consumer) VPN. You’re planning to waste a bunch of resources on this project because you think it’s the best way to go. It’s not.

At this point, I’ll reiterate what I said to you: You should not be running a desktop operating system on a server, under any circumstance. Unless you absolutely must. There are some Windows applications that require a desktop for some stupid reason, for example. On Linux, that necessity drops to zero. You should not run a desktop on a linux server, at all.

Now: My advice is pretty straight forward. You’ve got two choices. You can run Ubuntu Server (with no desktop), and install Docker, and use that. Or you can run it all on bare-metal. If you do choose to use UFW, you should only have port 80 and port 443 open to the world, and port 22 open to your IP (or IP range). Either option should allow you to run 5000 users, but you need to make sure your server will allow that first. Some places get narky when you use lots of resources, which is why I opt for a server I own.

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