Not Solved How To Make The Logo Banner Full size 100 % I have found !
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Hi , I have Found How To have a Full 100 % size Logo banner and Not Just At bottom Right

in the Global .csss At line 37 For me is Write Width 85 % i have put 100 % and is Working the logo are as full size.

.wrapper {
width: 100%;
min-width: 970px;
max-width: 1500px;
margin: auto auto;

i dont know if The rest of that Tutorial change something but For me i have change in the template

Header Templates ---> Header

line 5,6,7

<div class="wrapper">
<img src="{$theme['logo']}" width="100%" height="100%" alt="{$mybb->settings['bbname']}" title="{$mybb->settings['bbname']}" /></a>
<ul class="menu top_links">

and one more step inside Theme Your Theme

Board Logo
Location of the board logo used in this theme (this is the logo that appears at the top of each page).


you need to put your picture There or use An Url like

https:// testtest/testimage.jpg (like .jpg picture ) .. normally is Been working

Good day !

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