Not Solved Duplication of Plugin not Installing?
Not Solved

I'm trying to Install an edited version of BAM Announcement, but when I drop the php for the plugin in, it kills my plugin backend page on MyBB.

What I've done:

- opened all the BAM files, and replaced all the 'bam' with 'bamquotes', saved - I used find & replace in Adobe Dreamweaver to make the changes.
- renamed all the files 'bamquotes', following the conventions of the original file names
- uploaded all the files to the appropriate locations

Everything goes fine until I drop [inc/plugins]bamquotes.php into the folder. When I refresh, my index.php?module=config-plugins page is a white block. Removing the php file restores it.

I'm not sure what I've done to muck it up. Any assistance would be outstanding.

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