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(2020-07-27, 01:48 AM)malcom5322 Wrote: Problem Solved Thanks youuuuuu Big Grin is working i have the plugins instaled

i have that error

There was an error importing this plugin. The following files could not be moved to their proper locations:


You can either try importing the plugin again, or uploading these files manually.

Any have recommendation i have try 90 % of all of my plugins + 15 and no one Working Is made error Cannot import to location .. The plugins are downloaded for the most Here in mybb community ... I think The plugin uploader is working with old Plugin 1.6 And when he have re Updated for 1.8 he have not check for See if is working realy.. Because i am on a Fresh install of ubuntu and mybb and With the plugin in .zip ...

or is for apache only or obligated to use ftp

My suggestion is quit using this plugin for now and upload the files using FTP.
The plugin was last updated in 2017 and there is possible chance that apart from the edits suggest by .m, you may need more core edits in the plugin.

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