What happened with the user "vintagedaddyo"
(2020-08-08, 01:08 PM)codedude Wrote:
(2020-08-07, 12:44 PM)NoRules Wrote: Hi,

you could find his projects in his GitHub:

And sure you could find there more info.
Thanks. He deleted all of the plugins and themes just left several (around 20 out of 200) Sad

Sorry, hadn't read this yet, but norules is correct on the github  as well as finding out more info on the real reasons why & not speculations if so desired and yes most were gone on the github as you said but some are added back again, as my nice side won out on that factor Wink  as far as the github availability while most if not all will not ever be re-added here... anyhoo, thanks for the interest. Best of luck! ~ V Wink

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