[For 1.8] How to get updated clock & who's online
Ok I have turned it into a sort of plugin and it works but the results are a bit different ...
  • ajax.php (original code always returns the user online, I guess this to be because global.php is writing the session data including the ajax call that my jquery is making.
  • xmlhttp.php does not write any session data so therefore after cutoff time the board returns 0 users online. On reflection this is correct as the board says 'active users' and not connected users.
  • I have never written a plugin before, all code I have done has been in add on php files and to be fair the documentation is a little sparse on the correct methods to use.
example being the returns from the is_installed

function myplugin_is_installed()
	global $mybb;
	$file = 'myplugin.txt';
	if (file_exists ( 'myplugin.txt') === true){
		return true;
else {
	$file =  $mybb->asset_url.'/scripts.js';
	flash_message("file missing ".$file, '');
        return false;  



   does mybb take any action if false is returned ?
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