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[For 1.8] MMB Attachment Redirects 2.0.0 - Non-Premium Redirects
MMB Attachment Redirects 2.0.0 by


Setup automatic redirects for specific usergroups trying to download attachments from specific forums. 

When a redirect is setup, this also blocks the user to download the attachments. Very useful for forums with premium usergroups. This way, non-premium users can be automatically redirected to your chosen upgrade page.

See our full product page for more information.


Technical Requirements: MyBB 1.8, PHP 4+

Price: Full access to all plugins from 24 EUR, see memberships Currently counting 19 plugins, all in one membership, and soon more to be released!

Payment method: PayPal, Credit Card, Bank, all supported by the PayPal platform
Invoices will be sent after the order.
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MMB Attachment Redirects 2.0.0 - Non-Premium Redirects - by KevinVR - 2020-10-24, 11:15 AM

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