Cookie Law ? Or another Cookie Pop Up
(2020-11-25, 01:12 PM)grafi Wrote:
(2020-11-25, 12:04 PM)Crazycat Wrote: You can't manage or block cookies from external contents, this is technicaly impossible.
The only solution is to have a short text: "We are not responsible for cookies that could be used by third party content such as external videos".

The EU law don't say you have to block all the cookies, you have to allow user to refuse cookies that YOU manage. It means that you must allow user to deactivate any tracking system you add by yourself.

For example, cookiebot for WP. They are blocking all cookies, except non-essential. it is doing similar action.

So, maybe it is neccessary block the cookies (excep non-essential).

Afraid I still don't get your point.  Allow cookies not required to navigate or operate your site (non-essential)?  Would think, as @Crazycat mentions - this is out of your direct control anyway.  Blocking essential cookies would render the site inoperable.

Is is possible that's backwards as stated?

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