Not Solved Merge Vbulletin Thanks to the MYBB System ?
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(2020-11-05, 09:35 AM)Sectomy Wrote: Hi,

is it possible to "merge" the Thank you fields from the Vbulletin Database to the MyBB Database ?
i asked in the myThank You Thread and they told me to ask here....
ive imported the "thank you" field of the Database already in the MyBB System, question is, how to import them to the gk33_Thank you mod.

Maybe someone who know how it works could assist me, i think to modify maybe the convert script ? or does anyone know how it is done ?
heres the Database Structure of the Thank you Vbulletin style:

i can also provide the SQL file of the Vbulletin Database (around 2,3MB)

i mean this converter.php script and my Idea Smile
  i can create php bot that do this for you , if you want i am at your service (with money)

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