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[For 1.8] MMB Thread Reports 2.0.0 - Allow user to mark threads as working or not working
Thread Reports 1.3.0 released

Download now
Instant product download access after purchase on Click here to purchase.


Version 1.3.0
- To Update: Uninstall the plugin, overwrite the files and reinstall the plugin. The reports data will be kept, but you will have to re-configure the 3 plugin settings.
- Added a reset thread reports button only shown to the administrators
- The thread reports plugin administrators group can be customised (it is a setting)

Example Screenshot
[Image: raUFO4j.png]

(2020-12-11, 11:52 AM)WallBB Wrote: This would be very interesting for tutorial sections.
Awesome plugin Kevin Smile

Thank you WallBB, very appreciated Smile
[Image: modmybb-banner-0.png]
If you think I've helped you; a + rep would be appreciated.

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