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(2020-12-13, 01:52 AM)mrfield16 Wrote:
(2020-12-12, 09:34 PM)Matt Wrote: Pretty much, yeah - you'll also need to take a database backup, import that to the new host, and set the new connection details in ./inc/config.php, but other than that it's just a case of copying files over and changing DNS.

I'd also recommend setting the board to be closed on the old host before you take the database backup, that way anyone who hits the old server won't be able to add new content to it, and once their DNS updates, they'll be able to post as normal.
Thank you!  How do I import that to the new host?
[ExiTuS] has written very well.
These are the links with screenshots and detailed information

I also wrote a tutorial on WallBB long time ago
( (will update it with more information in future)


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