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(2020-12-12, 11:50 PM)serling Wrote:

[Image: Y3pLCsK.png]

[Image: Cqm66B3.png]

Basically the issue is, on mobile devices the quick reply editor is shrunken to a very small box. Whenever it is resized the captcha box is moved alongside the "image verification" text. Causing the issue of being unable to see the actual captcha image. Also scrolling horizontally isn't working, also an issue with this in New Reply.

I know that I can just do some workarounds, but I want to align this correctly for future developments. Fixing the mobile css is so frustrating, but necessary for success and I am at my wits end here. I just can't seem to find which files to edit.

On any modern browser, go to the page, press F12 to open up the elements menu, press the "select" or "selector" button and then proceed to select the reply box. Now you should be honed in enough to pinpoint what exact elements you want to work with. You can make CSS changes on the fly and, once you're finished, copy those changes to your actual server environment.

Oh and it will tell you right there in the css panel what and where the files are located.

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