Not Solved Vote poll plugin wrong help me !!!
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(2021-01-20, 07:44 AM)Crazycat Wrote: Just read and understand waht you read...
"Forums to display polls from": enter a comma-separated list of forum id, like : "2,5,14".
"Specific poll to display": enter the poll id, like 4431

i mean this but not visible on sidebox, should i enter the same values there too?

here is my public opinion research - showthread.php? tid = 4431  , - that's good ? or not ?



it's on a thread for me, at a new post!

[Image: rOe7nnS.png]

[Image: nCsNvQC.png]

everything went well, but the 123, ending pides, forum identities, agreed with the rank identities many times, and confused everything, then what to do then?

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