Not Solved Netpen closed thread icon not swowing up
Not Solved
sorry for bumping up, but also there is a problem with showthread_newreply_closed template.
If thread closed no closed button coming up

Any ideas or possible solutions?


I've made some progress and managed to display closed thread icon as per this post

after replacing the following code in the forumdisplay_threadlist

<dd><span class="thread_status lockfolder" title="{$lang->locked_thread}">&nbsp;</span> {$lang->locked_thread}</dd>


<dd><span class="thread_status closefolder" title="{$lang->closed_thread}">&nbsp;</span> {$lang->closed_thread}</dd>

Happy days. Closed thread icon is displayed......But is displayed only if you are the last poster


Any Ideas how to fix this further? 


nearly fixed this
In thread_status.css

changed this



So in forum display closed icon is displaying as it shoud
But no description in thread legend
and also no closed thread notification on show thread
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