[Services Request] Need someone to write a wallet code

I would need someone who can write a "wallet" for my board.

It would need to look abit like this:
[Image: QfvQU2N.png]

The wallet would only be something visual, it just needs to display the amount of money that is in our PHP database.
I would like it to be displayed in the UserCP, but also that the user can Click on it, and it would take them to a page where they can request a transfer to their Paypal.

Like, for example like this, but then functional.

[Image: XAK7gbI.png]

Please contact me, with a showcase of your latest work & how much you would like to be paid for this job.

I believe, that for someone, with alot of knowledge about MyBB & PHP, this would be a really easy job.


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