Not Solved Validation check on Contact Us page?
Not Solved
(2021-08-10, 03:32 AM)Omar G. Wrote:
(2021-08-10, 03:22 AM)nuraman00 Wrote: Should I refer them to this?

Yes, you could tell them PHP 5 has no official support too.

Additionally, the requirements of your software is none of their concern in this matter, their comment is irrelevant.

They enabled PHP 7.4 through cPanel.

I'm seeing this error now on my forum home page.  I can't load it:


MyBB Internal Error
MyBB has experienced an internal error and cannot continue.

Error Type:
MyBB Error (44)
Error Message:
MyBB was unable to load the SQL extension. Please contact the MyBB Group for support. MyBB Website


What should I do?

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