Hook build_forumbits_forum and Templates
You'll need to globalise $wanted_index, and I think escape some characters in the eval itself:

function wanted_index(&$forum)
	global $mybb, $db, $templates, $wanted_index;

	eval("\$wanted_index = \"".$templates->get('wanted_index')."\";");

See if that works.

The reason this breaks and causes a 500:

eval('$forum['wanted_index'] = "'.$templates->get('wanted_index').'";');

is because you're using single quotes in the eval, and in the array key, so it closes the quotes and would result in a parse error. If you do it that way, you need to escape them, or use double quotes:

eval("\$forum['wanted_index'] = \"".$templates->get('wanted_index')."\";");


eval('\$forum[\'wanted_index\'] = "'.$templates->get('wanted_index').'";');
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