Roundo (FREE) - A New Modern Look for MyBB
Update shots of small styling changes (text fields), login page, and guest view. I plan to rework the profile page, not a big fan of it. Then I'm off to the boring tedious part of making this theme responsive Sad

(2021-10-19, 04:03 AM)Laird Wrote: I should add though that there is a difference in the way variables are interpreted between the 1.8 eval() method and the 1.9 Twig method. The 1.8 method uses ordinary PHP variable syntax, e.g. {$variable}, whereas Twig uses the {{ variable }} syntax, and additionally requires $variable to be passed to Twig's render function.

Thanks for explaining. It doesn't sound like too much work plus you got me excited with how flexible working in Twig will be.
Name's Waleed, I'm a graphic and web design (2015) graduateĀ from Canada. Self-employed and lending my design skills to the MyBB community.

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