Not Solved [How To?] Change Image in Header & Footer
Not Solved
(2022-03-15, 02:21 PM)mujeebdgk Wrote: Upload your logo to your mybb >>> Images>> themename (folder via FTP ) .
Go to Admin CP --> Themes --> Modify / Delete --> Edit your Theme ( e.g ROundu Dark)
Change the Forum Logo path to your new logo.

for example you would have images/roundo/darko/roundo-darko-logo.png and you have upload new image logo.png replace it with


Mark it solved if problem solved.

Thank you for the quck reply.
This will help me, when i want to set an custom image however i do not have a custom image at the moment.
This is the main reason, why i now want to remove the image completly and add an own one later.
I deleted the Image as mentioned in my Comment above the Image from the Location where it was located at.
Now, the Image seem to be removed but there is still an small box that should be removed too. Here the current Forum:
[Image: grafik.png]

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