Not Solved Member Page Issues
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I upgraded from an older version, and I was able to get most everything working.  My member page for some reason will not populate most information.  I have replaced the files so it's the original as you would doing a full upgrade.  I have changed templates to the original and others.  Nothing has worked.

What shows on every member's page regardless of time or posts:

Joined:  Today
Last Visit:  Never
Total Posts:  0
Warning Level: 0%

Reg IP:  
Last Known IP:  

And the avatar image is the default "blank".


What does work on the member page is:

Comments received
Comments given
Private Message
Additional Information


The reputation, total posts, avatar, etc. show correctly on the usercp.php page.
The IP (register and last known) show on the backend under "users and groups", but I cannot get it to populate on any front-end page of the forum.

Any ideas how to fix this or troubleshoot?

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