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(2022-12-02, 06:42 AM)ThePhantomDJ Wrote: Hi.
My friend and i are in the process of fixing Nukeleo in mybb 1.8.32 and we have almost finished it, when my friend downloaded nukeleo and installed it, you could see it was in pieces, so we have slowly put it back together... but i think now we have it looking really good now, what i would like to ask is, how can i remove the date and time from the lastpost area in the main forum?

Please if anyone can tell me it would be very helpful, the site is

Quick theme select - Light 2
(The Football Factory)

If anyone needs or wants a good copy of Nukeleo when it's fully finished just let me know and i will give one to you.

thank you.

Did you mean the footer?

look at the picture

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