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benks Wrote:Nice thems jax...i want it, but i cant do anything to change my default themes.
Can you give a details of edited themes/templates?
Cause your attatcment olny text like your quote and not details of edited.
In the left coloum can for the support link,sponsor link,banner ads
In the rigth coloum can for hotnews,statistic,lastpost and banner ads too


Here are the templates I edited, and the side columns I made using iframe, Lcolumn.html and Rcolumn.html.

Updated calendar      [edit]
Updated editpost     [edit]
Updated error     [edit]
Updated forumdisplay     [edit]
Updated forumdisplay_password     [edit]
Updated index     [edit]
Updated managegroup     [edit]
Updated managegroup_joinrequests     [edit]
Updated memberlist     [edit]
Updated member_activate     [edit]
Updated member_emailuser     [edit]
Updated member_login     [edit]
Updated member_lostpw     [edit]
Updated member_profile     [edit]
Updated member_register     [edit]
Updated member_register_agreement     [edit]
Updated member_resendactivation     [edit]
Updated member_resetpassword     [edit]
Updated misc_help     [edit]
Updated misc_help_helpdoc     [edit]
Updated misc_imcenter_aim     [edit]
Updated misc_imcenter_icq     [edit]
Updated misc_imcenter_msn     [edit]
Updated misc_imcenter_yahoo     [edit]
Updated misc_rules_forum     [edit]
Updated misc_smilies     [edit]
Updated misc_smilies_popup     [edit]
Updated misc_syndication     [edit]
Updated misc_whoposted     [edit]
Updated moderation_allreports     [edit]
Updated moderation_deletepoll     [edit]
Updated moderation_deleteposts     [edit]
Updated moderation_deletethread     [edit]
Updated moderation_getip     [edit]
Updated moderation_inline_deleteposts     [edit]
Updated moderation_inline_deletethreads     [edit]
Updated moderation_inline_mergeposts     [edit]
Updated moderation_inline_movethreads     [edit]
Updated moderation_inline_splitposts     [edit]
Updated moderation_merge     [edit]
Updated moderation_mergeposts     [edit]
Updated moderation_move     [edit]
Updated moderation_reports     [edit]
Updated moderation_split     [edit]
Updated moderation_threadnotes     [edit]
Updated newreply     [edit]
Updated newthread     [edit]
Updated online     [edit]
Updated polls_editpoll     [edit]
Updated portal     [edit]
Updated private     [edit]
Updated private_archive     [edit]
Updated private_empty     [edit]
Updated private_folders     [edit]
Updated private_read     [edit]
Updated private_send     [edit]
Updated private_tracking     [edit]
Updated reputation     [edit]
Updated search     [edit]
Updated sendthread     [edit]
Updated showthread     [edit]
Updated stats     [edit]
Updated usercp     [edit]
Updated usercp_attachments     [edit]
Updated usercp_avatar     [edit]
Updated usercp_avatar_gallery     [edit]
Updated usercp_changeavatar     [edit]
Updated usercp_changename     [edit]
Updated usercp_drafts     [edit]
Updated usercp_editlists     [edit]
Updated usercp_editsig     [edit]
Updated usercp_email     [edit]
Updated usercp_favorites     [edit]
Updated usercp_forumsubscriptions     [edit]
Updated usercp_options     [edit]
Updated usercp_password     [edit]
Updated usercp_profile     [edit]
Updated usercp_subscriptions     [edit]
Updated usercp_usergroups     [edit]

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