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Ryan Ashbrook Wrote:I'm not sure I follow, but what you want would require some modifications to the portal file, to show all the posts from the threads.

MyBB has a Linear Thread mode, so you could also use that.

Yeah, I didn't mean "Linear Threaded" as much as "Chronologically Threaded", and it does have that (actually my primary reason for first selecting MyBB). Here is the thing. To see posts in "Threaded" mode as far as I can tell, you actually have to click into a thread. Ie, you get a summarized list of threads first when you click into a forum, and you get an "icon" (although this doesn't seem to always work for me) that shows if you have posts in the thread, but you actually have to click into the thread to see the posts.

So, when thinking about my family and simple, they don't want to see multiple forums (one default forum that always comes up is great, its simple and doesn't confuse the uncles and aunties).

I actually do know how I could do this in a hackish way, but there are so many components that are so close in MyBB already, I thought perhaps there was something quick that I just didn't see. If I hack on this too much I end up having to do too much support in the future to keep things together on upgrades, etc... Still, thanks for your help.

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