HOW TO: Automated database backups (1 line of code + cPanel)
This is excellent , appreciate the authors work.

I have an idea, i'm sure some plugin developer tries it :-)

Using the above automated backup or utilizing mybb core database backup one could device a plugin which automatically send the generated backup to dropbox using its api access app.

Here is well explained dropbox backup code and explanation :

now is that so hard to device a plugin and make life easier :-) !

so this will:
- backup /uploads/ folder
- backup full database

all above is compressed zip and sent to dropbox

EDIT: making developers life easier.
Here is a similar plugin which backup's database and all host files and sends them to external FTP server.

Dev' needs to mod it little bit,
- we only need /uploads/ folder and the DB backup Smile
- remove ftp and implement dropbox Smile

seriously if i were a mybb plugin developer i would had compiled it and attached to the board immediately as for testing etc, and after all beta tests i would had applied on plugins page for publishing

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