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[F] PunBB - passwords and administrator permissions
This is a follow-up to this post.

So as Tikitiki suggested, I tried again from scratch:

- I installed MyBB 1.2 - everything worked fine
- I created an "admin" account in case I lose admin permissions on my "iryx" account
- I copied the Merge System RC3 ( and edited the index.php to get logs
- I ran it and converted everything but note that right after I got my settings converted I got redirected to the "download report" page without a chance to run the cleanup and without any mention of loginconvert.php


- I can't login with my previous "iryx" admin account
- I can login with my "admin" admin account but I have no permissions at all, I can't post, I can't login to AdminCP, nothing.
- Last but not least, there were no logs created even though the file was correctly edited lol...

I included the report, just in case... Any idea?

Note that I could go edit the database manually and get the permissions set correctly but still I'd have to ask all my users to retrieve their password throught the "lost password" procedure or something I guess... If there's really a way to convert the passwords and ask nothing to the users that would be really cool!

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[F] PunBB - passwords and administrator permissions - by iryx - 2008-03-03, 10:25 PM

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