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[F] PunBB - passwords and administrator permissions
Tikitiki Wrote:What was the error you got with your iryx account when you tried to log in?

And last, if I am unable to find a solution, I will have to test it myself which means that you'll need to put it up on some place accessible other than your localhost.

I couldn't login: wrong password problem, but on this last test (the one you have the logs for), I put myself the loginconvert.php in inc/plugins/ in case the Merge System couldn't put it there either because of a file permission problem. And I just tried my "iryx" admin account and another test user I had created for that purpose and they both can login without any trouble. The "iryx" user has it's admin permissions set correctly too which makes the fact that the "admin" user lost his during the convert process even weirder... right? ^^

This error has to look weird to you Tikitiki and you may be wondering if I'm mentally healthy here lol but I can assure you this is the plain true. I'm starting to think all this is more related to WAMP localhost environnement, the file and folder permissions, etc. It may even work like I charm when I'll be trying it on the remote server...

If you want to test the conversion yourself, I could send you the .sql file of the database but it's probably pointless since it doesn't seem to be the source of the problem. If you want to re-create the conditions of failure, maybe just use WAMP5 on a WinXP SP2 environment and that should probably fail.

I understand the lack of transparency this kind of newbie localhost environment offers but I guess I'm not the only one using that fast way - and usually efficient - way of testing things. I never encountered any major problem when testing other boards and conversion systems and stuff like ampache works too. Maybe you could add some kind of writing permissions test (just like at the start of the MyBB install) and echo the results when running the script so the user can maybe take care of the failing actions like moving the loginconvert.php file, etc.

Thanks Tikitiki and thanks to you too Labrocca for the solutions you sugggested (and haven't tried and honestly hoping the classic way will do the trick ^^) and your wise point of view on things here. But in this case, I have enough self-conviction that the conversion to MyBB will be beneficial so I won't give up! ^^

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