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Just goin Fishin'
My friend Twitchin Kitten turned me onto my bb earlier this year when I was having problems with my message forum software ( Simple machines ) and man I really Love and Enjoy the software and how the forum has turned out. She has done a lot of Custom work ( theme ) and other things to my BB as well to my site.

I am the Proud owner of Just Goin fishin' , My site is based out of West Virginia and we have Mostly East Coast membership. I am an Anglers legacy Ambassador , I enjoy introducing new folks and children into the world of fishing. I run a clean message forum about fishing for all spieces , from fresh water to salt , rough fish ( carp , pike , bass ETC ) to catfish , trout and other spieces. We have many neat lil sections from Food Recipes , sports , hunting , Shooting and reloading just to name a few. My site is dedicated to my father who loved to fish and still does as he is a great inspiration in my life.

Here is the link for those who are interested in checking out my site and message forum:



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