MyBB 1.4 Beta
Hi all,

We are now accepting more beta testers to test the beta of MyBB 1.4. We have already been beta testing MyBB 1.4 with a select group of testers for the past several months. We've fixed over 500 bugs since the beginning of testing several months ago all while including countless small suggestions to better your experience with MyBB. Now everyone can make MyBB the best it can be by contributing your feedback and bug reports.

Procedure for applying:
To apply as a beta tester, please go to your Group Memberships page and join the "MyBB 1.4 Beta Testers" Group. A member of the MyBB Group will approve your request. After this is done, you will see a "MyBB 1.4 Private Beta Download" forum on the MyBB Community Forums Index. From here you will be able to read the rules and download the beta. Do NOT PM staff members asking to be added to the beta.

The beta is now closed, since MyBB 1.4 gold has been released

We thank you for your participation.

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