MyBB 1.2.14 Released - Security & Maintenance Release
MyBB 1.2.14 is a security and maintenance update to MyBB 1.2 fixing a low HTML Injection vulnerability. This release is also intended to fix the rest of MyBB 1.2's outstanding bugs and provide a stable platform for those of you who wish to stay with the the MyBB 1.2 platform for a while after 1.4 is released.

This security update fixes:
  • [Low Risk] HTML Injection vulnerability
These vulnerabilities affect MyBB 1.2.13 and previous releases of MyBB 1.2. Older versions of MyBB may also be affected.

Information on upgrading, template changes and language changes can be found in the posts below.

Please note, that you need to run the upgrade script for this version. This is so the templates may be updated.
There are no database schema changes in this version.

Reporting MyBB security vulnerabilities
If you think you've found a vulnerability in MyBB, we advise you not to publicly post it on these forums or publicly release information about it elsewhere until we've had time to prepare and release a patch.

As always, you can send through security related messages on the MyBB website from the Contact Us page.

A final note...
I would like to thank all the staff members, beta testers, translators, mod authors, theme authors, and most of all, you. We appreciate everyone's dedication towards MyBB, as this release marks the end of our journey with the 1.2 series, which started over 2 years ago.

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