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[F] Upgrade 1.1.8 -> 1.4 (problems in upgrade5.php) [R] [C-Michael83]
Hello all,
especially hello to Tikitiki!! (who wrote "upgrade5.php"Smile)

at first, I would like to thank for this new release, I'm pretty happy with the testing board I built up on 03.08 Smile

Now I'm playing with the upgrade of my exisiting forums (some backup of course)

As I was too lazy/stupid/busy to upgrade my theme & template before, my users and me agreed to wait until this release to upgrade our 1.1.8.

Tonight I ran the upgrade, running into different _little_ errors, and some heavy Sad

To fix two typos in upgrade5.php search for:
groupleaders DROP gcanmanagemembers
change to
groupleaders DROP canmanagemembers

change to

I didn't find any results mentioning this errors, so I believe that nobody upgrades from that old installations Smile

Other Errors:

Instead of writing the correct config.php, the script is writing 'Array' instead of my real database entry. I know where it does this, but I cant correct it and I don't understand why Sad
(upgrade.php, line 25-36 my database entry formerly looked like "usr_web69_4)

Then, I get the last error, which is pretty critical, I guess:
in step "Rebuilding Last Post Columns" I get
Fatal error: Call to undefined function: rebuild_thread_counters() in /var/www/web69/html/frmtst/BCKP/install/resources/upgrade5.php on line 558

So we need this function, but where to get from?

EDIT: I downloaded all releases, tried to change "rebuild_thread_counters" to "update_thread_counts"
The funny thing is, until 1.2.6, the function is called "update_thread_count" then it's changed to "update_thread_counters" by Tikitiki in 1.2.7. 1.4 this function is called "rebuild_thread_counters" - you already know that, don't you? Big Grin
As I did a working upgrade to 1.2.4* this night, I guess, there is some work to do afterwards. ...

[*] EDIT 28.11.2008 - I don't remember, but this should be 1.2.6, because 1.2.4 doesn't work.

Ok, thats it till now, could anybody please help me?

Sure, I guess, we could do a upgrade through 1.2.4, but the script already is in the "install folder" od 1.4, so I should get it to work, I'd be happy to help here.

thanks in advance,
I really appreciate your help!

hmmm, after searching, I found "rebuild_thread_counters" in differnet files, including it to upgrade5.php didn't help me out Sad

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