MyBB 1.0 PR2 Released

As of the time of this post, we're announcing the immediate availability of MyBB 1.0 PR2 to the general public. We're doing this for a number of reasons:
  • Before we release a product branded "1.0" we'd like to make sure it is as compatible as possible with all servers and that as many bugs are cleared up before the release.
  • There has been another security whole found in MyBB RC4 and we feel that instead of releasing another security update and possibly having future RC4 exploits found, we'd release a stable-enough-to-use copy of MyBB 1.0 PR2.
This copy of MyBB is stable enough for mainstream use and we've included an upgrade script to ensure you can update your board from RC4 (or all the way back from RC2) to 1.0 Preview Release 2 with minor problems.

Obtaining the Release

As always, the release can be obtained from the official site at in three different formats: zip, tar.gz and tar.bz2.

Installation Instructions

For installation, please see the included documents in the docs folder of the release. If the download you obtained does not contain these files, you can get them here:

Upgrade Instructions

This release makes major changes to your database in terms of the way passwords are stored, attachments, themes and template sets. BACK UP your database before upgrading. This cannot be stressed enough, and if you don't back it up and something goes wrong, we can't help you fix your board.

Additionally, if you are currently using a non-English language pack for MyBulletinBoard please change your language settings to English before upgrading.

All of your existing themes and templates will be lost - please back them up now

Upload all files in the archive with the exception of
  • inc/config.php
  • inc/settings.php
You will also have to make sure the uploads directory and uploads/avatars directories are uploaded and writable by the server.

Run install/upgrade and make sure the version of MyBB you were previously using is selected

Reporting Bugs

As with all releases of MyBB, there will be bugs. 1.0 PR2 is no exception to that.

Please continue to report any bugs you find in to the Bug Reports forum. Please try to be as detailed as possible and provide screenshots and URL's where necessary.

We're here to help you, so please help us too.

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