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[F] Blank page with MyBB installation and MySQL4
Hi all,

I've a blank page during installation when trying to connect the MySql v4.0.?? database.

I'v read the previous threads about this problem, updated my files to see the error 1193 on "SET NAMES 'utf-8'" request.

I take a look in the code and see at line 1141 of inc/db_mysql.php the variable $this_link, never used by other php scripts and never initialized.

In method fetch_db_charsets(), I replace the following code:
if($this_link && $this->get_version() < 4.1)
by this one:
if($this->get_version() < 4.1)

Excepted a small warning during the first MySql connection, this update allows to run the complete installation with MySQL 4.0.

Note: This variable is used for MySqli installation.

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[F] Blank page with MyBB installation and MySQL4 - by laurent.duretz - 2008-09-15, 03:13 PM
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