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[F] Quick Reply Problem With Hanging [R] [C-Michael83]
Well at HF this is happening to me and now others very frequently. I thought it was Opera or maybe just me until a user started a thread then everyone chimed in with the problem.

What seems to be happening is that a reply is made while a person is entering their quick reply. That could be one reason for the hanging of the ajax. For whatever reason it's not able to display your own post as last post since well...there was another post.

I haven't had time to really look deep. I am terrible at Ajax but I am hoping this can be tracked down and fixed. Worse case is that if a post was made before instead of hanging maybe the page can just reload instead.

Anyone else with this problem please post. I am curious to know if it's an active site or not.

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[F] Quick Reply Problem With Hanging [R] [C-Michael83] - by labrocca - 11-08-2008, 08:17 PM

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