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Resi Evil ( is up and running =D
(2008-12-05, 02:12 PM)rcpalace Wrote:
(2008-12-05, 01:44 PM)Craigw Wrote: lol what browser are you using?

Becuase your layout is fluid width, it depends on the resolution and or the size of the window. I see the site fine on one machine while I see it like Kujoe does on another, using the same resolution. The fix, get rid of one of the navigation links below the header.

yea ill probably get rid of wiki link.

(2008-12-05, 11:57 PM)rocko Wrote: Nice. I actually find the site way cool. I need to find myself one lol.. Good work Wink

thanks rocko, see you signed up Toungue
just validated the site for google chrome, everything appears to be fine Smile

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