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[F] my_substr(): Problem with umlauts [C-Imad Jomaa]
I talked to Chris B. and we're working up a solution. Basically we'll add a setting and run unicode preg_matches based on that.

"Force Unicode Expression Matching?" Yes / No - Description: "This value will be set upon tests during installation/upgrade. It is best kept left at the default value, unless you know what you are doing."

And during the upgrade script we'll test a unicode string with the unicode modifier and we'll check if there are question marks. If there are that means it won't work with the Unicode modifier.

We may only implement this for 1.6 though because of the amount of testing it will take to make sure this workaround is stable across different hosts and different environments.

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RE: my_substr(): Problem with umlauts - by Ryan Gordon - 2009-01-29, 06:58 PM

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