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[F] Join request remains forever upon user deletion [C-Michael83]
If a user account is deleted and (s)he had any pending memberships to a usergroup, those membership requests remain forever until the group is removed.

To reproduce:
  • Make a test account ("user" in my case).
  • Make a test group ("Test group" in my case). Enable "Users can freely join/leave this group" and "Join requests need to be moderated".
  • Choose a group leader for the group who can approve new memberships ("Sayak" in my case). The "user" -- test user account should not be the group leader.
  • Now login to the forum using the "user" account. Goto UserCP -> Group memberships -> Join the "Test group".
  • Logout from the "user" account.
  • Now login to adminCP using an admin account and delete the account "user".
  • Now check in AdminCP under Users & Groups -> Groups. You will see "1 outstanding join requests":
    [Image: mybb1wh6.png]
    ^^^clicking on which tells you that "There are no outstanding join requests":
    [Image: mybb4on9.png]
  • You can also try loggin into the forum using the group leader account and see under "Group Memberships" in userCP. You will find the join request there:
    [Image: mybb3bt0.png]
    Clicking on which shows this:
    [Image: mybb2pg4.png]
    ^^^ which has no action on approval/declining.

MyBB - 1.4.4
PHP - 5.0.5
DB: MySQL 4.1.22
Browser: Firefox 3.0.5
[Image: 01686afternoonshadows10.png]

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