Pre-Parse Post/Signatures & Sphinx Search plugins
(2009-01-11, 02:42 PM)Rcpalace Wrote: Yes, using the MySQL full text indexer and a few tricks of my own. I haven't tried this yet, but I was thinking of caching the table every 24 - 48 hours, and do searches from there. That way the longest time consuming query will be done once behind the scenes. I know MySQL caches recent queries but not the table data itself. I have read that the cache solution cut the query times by over half, have any of you tried it?
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Why would I want to try any of that if I just have sphinx and it works perfectly fine without having to have the "longest time consuming query will be done once behind the scenes". And in fact, we ALWAYS have at least 200-300 users online at any time during the day. If we're doing intensive queries while those users are on, your just asking for trouble.

(2009-01-11, 04:58 AM)Yumi Wrote: As for the MySQL vs Sphinx engine, I have no idea on performance differences - I can't imagine the difference to be large

I think it's clear that when the server starts crashing because of the MySQL search and that it doesn't when using sphinx, that is a pretty big performance difference. It used to take 30 or more seconds to do searches and we're talkin about squeezing everything we could out of indicies and optimizations before we moved to sphinx. Sphinx takes under a second always. In fact, it mentions on it's site that it can search billions of rows in just a few seconds.

And this is a fact, both Chris Boulton and Jeremy Sands, both IT professionals, will say the same.

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