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Biggest Source of MyBB Plugins in Just One Place...
I'm in the process of contacting 110mb to report this site. In this report, I will include the following: "Hello, my name is TomL - and I am a Support Member for MyBulletinBoard(MyBB).

I am reporting this website/forum - - because: it redistributes plugins and possibly more(for MyBB) that they were not given consent to do so by the actual plugin author; which violates the terms that the user/users agreed to when they downloaded the plugin(s) from or other sites. Please either have them remove the plugins from their site, or delete this site. Some reports also state that they have illegal mp3's on their website available for download. Thank you for your time.

For more information, visit the thread that was posted on the MyBB community forums:

Kind Regards,

Anything else I should add(or remove)?

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