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[Release - plugin] Update: Hide parts of message from guests/user groups
Revision 1.1 final release:
Description: After a defined number of characters (selectable in AdminCP) from your message the guest will see a request to login or to register.
It has:
- possibility to show only x numbers of characters from message,
- to show or not the signature
- to show or not links
- to show or not the images
- to show or not code
- to show or not the quote
- To choose in what forums you want or do not want to hide each from the above (0 will hide in all the forums)
- for portal you have to select 0 (zero) as the option for the forums.
- it is working fine with any SEO software existent
- all the options are independent one of each other you can chose only one, two ... or all of them, will not interfere one with the other.
- you can change the language. At this moment it is translated in english, french, romanian, italian, arabic and hebrew languages. (all of them in the zip file.
- All the bugs are taken care of.
I will update also the first post.

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