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[Release - plugin] Update: Hide parts of message from guests/user groups
Hide From Guests/Users 2.0
Plugin: Hide From Guests/User Groups Release 2.0

Description: After a defined number of characters (selectable in AdminCP) from your message the guest will see a request to login or to register. The new version has the posibility to select what user groups wil see or will not see parts of message, links, image... ALL SETTINGS ARE INDEPENDENT ONE FROM THE OTHER
It has:
- possibility to show only x numbers of characters from message,
- to show or not the signature
- to show or not links
- to show or not the images
- to show or not code
- to show or not the quote
- To choose in what forums you want or do not want to hide each from the above (0 will hide in all the forums)
- for portal you have to select 0 (zero) as the option for the forums.
- it is working fine with any SEO software existent
- all the options are independent one of each other you can chose only one, two ... or all of them, will not interfere one with the other.
- you can change the language. At this moment it is translated in english, french, romanian, italian, arabic and hebrew languages. (all of them in the zip file.
- All the bugs are taken care of...?

How to install:
Copy the file hideguests.php in: /inc/plugins folder
Copy the file hideguests.lang.php in: /inc/plugins/languages/"yourlanguage" folder
Activate from AdminCP
Change settings in AdminCP->Settings

How to upgrade:
Deactivate the plugin
Overwrite the files
Activate the plugin

Please, let me know if you find any bugs - here or by PM.

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