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TheHostingTool - Free automated webhosting script
[Image: img_03.png]

What is it?
The Hosting Tool is a very new script, launched on the 3rd of December 2008 claiming to provide the next generation in free, hosting scripts. It provides you, the webhost complete automation on everything you want it to do. So that means, signup, monthly posts checking, suspension. While it does that, it provides client features like the client control panel that gives the power to the clients hands in what they want to do. They can check their monthly forum posts, edit their details, check announcements. The Hosting Tool also has frequent update and support from the community.

Main Features
Some of THT's main features are:
  • Direct Intergration with cPanel/WHM & DirectAdmin
  • P2H Signup/Monthly with all popular forum boards
  • Fully AJAX/JS order form! Has no load times at all, does it all with one page load. Thats to load it up to start.
  • Fully featured & powerful Admin Control Panel
  • Easy to use and powerful Client Area
  • Feature filled Support Center
Visit the forum
To visit our community which is proudly powered by MyBB, click here:
TheHostingTool Community (TCom)

To download THT, just click the link below and it'll send you to the latest version:
Download Link

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